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Here is our selection of brake pads. We will not recommend a product unless we have tested it. Each of these pads has proven themselves on the street or at the track. Please read the descriptions and feel free to ask questions.

Description of Brake Pad Compounds


Axxis Ultimate - Excellent street and autocross compound, the most exceptional value.

The AXXIS Ultimate pads feature a special Kevlarģ and ceramic strengthened formula with a coefficient of friction of 0.46 and a maximum operating temperature of 932 F. It has minimal coefficient of friction loss throughout itís entire operating temperature range and offers a combination of cold stopping performance and high temperature fade resistance. It features integrated anti-squeal shim for quiet high performance operation and reduced brake drag. Offers excellent cold stopping, brake modulation, low dust levels and quiet operation. It is rotor friendly and it an excellent choice for high-performance daily driving. If you have been using metallic pads before, these pads are guaranteed to make you smile. Axxis Ultimate pads have been endorsed by Carbotech Engineering, Cobalt Friction, StopTech for use with their brake kits, Subaru WRX club members and a growing number of delighted 3000GT/Stealth owners.


Carbotech Bobcat - Premium street and autocross compound.

This is a new compound from Carbotech Engineering. This ceramic based friction compound was released in 2003 and is intended as a high performance street/autocross material. Testing on track has established it is track worthy in a moderate temperature environment. The outstanding characteristics of this material are practically zero rotor damage, extremely low dusting on the street, excellent cold stopping, perhaps as low as 40F(!), fade resistant to at least 900F, very rotor friendly over entire temperature range, very quiet over broad range of line pressure inputs, incredibly firm pedal feel and excellent initial bite and brake modulation. The friction coefficient is 0.5-0.55 over itís operating range of ambient temp to 900F. This is truly the best material we have ever evaluated on our personal street cars. It is suitable for street-only, autocross and light track use applications. Best all-around compound, period!


Carbotech Panther Plus - Our favorite open tracking compound.

Panther Plus is a high torque brake compound that delivers reliable and consistent performance over a very wide operating temperature range (150F to 1250F). Advanced compound matrix provides an excellent initial bite, high coefficient of friction (0.54-0.56), and very progressive brake modulation and release characteristics. Extremely high fade resistance, very rotor friendly at all temperatures, excellent cold stopping power, and low noise when hot or cold. Although primarily designed for track use, Panther Plus can also be used on the street. As a result, Panther Plus is an excellent choice for lapping day and high performance driver's schools on street driven cars using street or R-compound tires, eliminating the need to change brake pads at the track. Supercar Engineering tests showed that this compound lasts longer than that of a leading competitor. We love the looks of our rotors when we run these pads.


Carbotech Panther XP - High heat, high friction, very long-lasting open tracking competition compound.

Panther XP is an extremely high torque brake compound with a wide operating temperature range (250F to 1350F). Unparalleled initial bite at race temperatures, high coefficient of friction (0.58-0.60), excellent modulation and release characteristics, extremely high fade resistance and very rotor friendly. It has excellent wear rates and was shown to outlast the competitors' pads up to 2.5 times. Designed for race/track use with R-compound tires, but can be driven to and from the track if necessary. Not intended as an aggressive street pad.


Carbotech Panther XP9 - NEW! Very high heat, high friction, very long-lasting open tracking competition compound.

Panther XP9 is another new compound that was introduced by Carbotech in 2003. It has all the benefits of the popular XP compound but it features an even higher initial bite, which makes it one of the most streetable race compounds during temporary street use. Additionally, it is extremely heat stable. This is a competition compound and is not recommended for use by novices (no kidding!). It is stable up to 1400-1500F, which is the range of temperatures when failing adjacent brake components becomes a real possibility. Use with proper brake cooling devices and exercise your judgment when using this compound in a competition environment.

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