1995 3000GT: Defi Coolant Temperature Sensor Installation

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any model of 3000GT or Dodge Stealth from the 1994 model year onward.

The Procedure

Remove Intake Pipe and Spark Plug Wires
  After draining all the coolant out of the radiator, remove the y-pipe (turbo cars) or intake pipe (NA cars) and the rear spark plug wires to make some room.


Remove OEM Thermostat Housing Plug
  Insert you handy 8mm allen wrench into the plug in the thermostat housing. If you've never removed it, it'll probably be really hard to break loose - there's some kind of Lock-tite on there from the factory. I used a 18" cheater bar and most of my body weight.

Once you remove this plug, you will loose some coolant. Be prepared to catch it in a container or with towels. Another option is to have the sensor ready to thread in immediately so that the coolant loss is minimized.

Thanks to Sergey Polstyanko for confirming the size (8mm) of the wrench necessary to remove this plug!


Gather Sensor Installation Parts
  Defi sensor and brass 3/8"NPT to 1/8"NPT bushing found at local hardware store. Schucks Auto Parts also carries them.


Install Bushing
  Install the bushing on sensor with teflon tape for a secure conenction. An extra bushing is shown for illustration.


Put Teflon Tape on Threads
  Put teflon tape on the threads of the bushing.


Install Sensor
  Thread the bushing and sensor into the hole in the thermostat housing. It's that simple :-)


Reinstall Spark Plug Wires and Intake Pipe
  Put it back the way you found it and you're done! Remember to fill up your coolant!


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