1995 3000GT VR-4: Click-Start Fix

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any model/year of 3000GT or Dodge Stealth.

Note: This fix is not an original idea of mine; it is based in information from RickyN29 on 3SI. Further, thanks are due to to Mike Elliott (vr4swoosh) for bringing this idea to my attention. My contribution to this fix is that I have not yet seen anyone use the stock wiring harness in an unmodified form to implement this fix. The method described below is very quick to implement, and it's 100% reversible if you ever want to return things to their stock form. Also, here is the 3SI Thread where I first saw this information posted.

  Part Company/Contact Part Number
Relay Hosfelt Electronics 45-287
Relay Harness Hosfelt Electronics 21-193
Fuse Holder (10AWG) Hosfelt Electronics 43-180
10A Fuse Hosfelt Electronics 31-772
18-22ga (Red) Male Partially-Insulated Quick-Disconnect Terminals McMaster-Carr 7060K26
14-16ga (Blue) Female Fully-Insulated Quick-Disconnect Terminals McMaster-Carr 7243K21
18-22ga (Red) 5/16" Insulated Ring Terminal McMaster-Carr 7113K748
Electrical Tape, Zip Ties Home Depot,
Auto Parts Stores
Wiring Loom PartsExpress 080-523

  • What Tools May/Will I Need?

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  • The Procedure

    Remove Air Filter or Air Box Lid
      Using a 10mm nut driver or a #2 Philips screwdriver, loosen the hose clamp that secures your MAS housing to the air intake piping. Disconnect the MAS wiring harness, and move the air filter or airbox lid (with the MAS attached) out of the way.


    Locate Starter Solenoid Wire
      There is a black wiring harness for the starter solenoid wire, which located in front of the battery. It has a black wire with a red stripe.


    Disconnect Starter Solenoid Wiring Harness
      Disconnect this wiring harness so you can splice in your relay.


    Assemble Relay and Harness
      In the upper right of the picture, you can see how the relay and harness come when you buy them. The left/bottom of the picture shows how the assembly looks after it's ready for installation.

    Red Wire (Terminal 87)
    This wire goes to the battery (through a fuse).

    Yellow Wire (Terminal 30)
    This wire goes to the starter solenoid.

    Blue Wire (Terminal 86)
    This wire goes to the ignition switch harness.

    Brown Wire (Terminal 85)
    This wire goes to ground (a metal part of the car).


    Attach Brown (85) Wire
      Find a good place to ground this wire I used a ring terminal and attached it to this screw. The front of the car is toward the bottom of the picture.


    Attach Blue (86) Wire
      This wire should have a male quick-disconnect fitting on it. Insert the fitting into the side of the harness that heads toward the firewall (as opposed to toward the transaxle). The male fitting will only fit into one side of the harness, so it should be pretty obvious which side to connect it to.


    Attach Yellow (30) Wire
      This wire should have a female quick-disconnect fitting on it. Insert the fitting into the side of the harness that heads toward the transaxle (as opposed to toward the firewall). Again, the female fitting will only fit into one side of the harness, so it should be pretty obvious which side to connect it to.


    Connect Red (87) Wire
      This wire needs to go to the positive terminal of your battery, and it needs to be fused. I already had a fused terminal (shown) for my water injection system, so all I did was remove the fuse and insert the new wire into the fuse block. If you need to install an additional fuse, you can use the fuse and holder suggested above. If you need to attach this wire directly to the positive terminal of your battery, REMEMBER to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before touching the positive terminal!!!


    Mount Relay
      Find a safe and secure place to mount the relay. I chose to mount it onto the threads of the bolt that holds the fuel pump relay from below. You also could zip-tie it somewhere if you like. I also chose to install wire loom around some of the relay wires for protection.

    And yes, I'm all too aware that I have entirely too much electrical junk installed in my car. This rat's nest of wiring and wiring loom is pretty good proof of that...


    Protect Wiring Connections
      To make sure that the connections to the starter wiring harness are secure, I wrapped them with some electrical tape.


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