1995 3000GT VR-4: HKS Side-Mount Intercoolers

These instructions apply to a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, but are easily transferable to any model/year of Turbocharged 3000GT or Dodge Stealth.

The Procedure

Remove OEM Intercooler Air Ducts
  There are plastic air ducts attached to each intercooler to help direct air through the intercoolers. Remove the 2 plastic clips that secure the duct to the intercooler. The clips are removed by unscrewing the central pin and then pulling the clip out of the hole. Repeat for other side.


Unbolt A/C Line Brackets
  There is a 12mm bolt in the left picture and a 12mm nut near the A/C fuse box in the right picture.


Loosen Intercooler Hose Clamps
  You can use a Philips screwdriver or a 10mm socket to loosen the clamps on the LHS intercooler outlet hoses.


Remove LHS Intercooler Outlet Pipe
  To remove this pipe, you'll need to unbolt the 12mm bolts that secure the LHS upper radiator bracket.


Disconnect LHS Intercooler Inlet Hose
  Use a 10mm socket or a Philips screwdriver to loosen the clamp. Pull the hose out of the way - you may want to loosen the clamp on the other end of the hose so you can rotate the hose out of the way.


Unbolt OEM LHS Intercooler
  There are three 12mm bolts that secure the intercooler. You'll have to unbolt the oil cooler, too, so you have room to maneuver the intercooler out of the wheel well.


Comparison of OEM and HKS LHS Intercooler


Connect HKS LHS Inlet Pipe to OEM Hose
  Connect the pipe to the OEM hose - it's probably easier to get to the pipe from below once the hose is in place.


Connect HKS LHS Intercooler Outlet Pipe
  You'll need to maneuver the new intercooler in from the bottom and attach the hose clamp to the coupler. I chose to use new silicone couplers and t-bolt clamps instead of the couplers and clamps that came with the kit.


Attach LHS HKS Intercooler Outlet Pipe


Attach LHS HKS Intercooler Inlet Pipe to Intercooler
  Pretty easy - everything's nice and accessible.


Remount OEM Oil Cooler
  Since I was upgrading my oil cooler to a front-mount version, I didn't reinstall it. Sorry - no picture of the OEM one :-)


Secure HKS LHS Intercooler Outlet Pipe
  I think this bracket is supposed to mount like the OEM bracket does; however mine didn't line up right. I used a stack of washers under the bracket to mount it securely. You can call a stack of washers a "shim" if you don't want to sound ghetto :-) The fact that the bracket is mounted higher does not make it interfere with my hood, as shown in the second picture.

Note that I removed the clamp that normally secures the AC line to this location - the AC line should be fine without the missing bracket. You can also reattach the AC line bracket near the fuse box at this point.


Mount LHS HKS Intercooler
  Using brackets number 497 and 496, mount the intercooler to the locations of the holes that secure the OEM intercooler.


Remove OEM RHS Intercooler
  Pretty much as the LHS one, except there is no oil cooler in the way.


Mount RHS HKS Intercooler
  I don't see how the included brackets can be used to mount the intercooler on my car. I don't know whether it's a difference in the shape of the underside of the headlight bucket on the 2G cars or whether there's something weird about my car, but there was no way the upper surface of the intercooler would mount flush against the underside of the headlight bucket. I used the provided HKS upper bracket with a stack of washers to secure the upper part of the IC. I used the provided HKS side bracket along with some scrap aluminum to fabricate a bracket to mount the side of the intercooler to the car.

Shown is a picture from later in the installation, but you can see the way the upper bracket will not fit flush against the headlight bucket. You can also see the stack of washers I used to complete the installation.


Connect RHS Intercooler Inlet Pipe
  Pretty self-explanatory...


Connect RHS Intercooler Outlet Pipe
  Again, pretty self-explanatory....


[Optional] Install Grills In Intercooler Ducts
  While I had everything disassembled, I chose to integrate some aluminum grills into the intercooler ducts to help protect the intercooler fins from rocks and debris. I cut the grill material with some tin snips and inserted it into a slot I cut into the duct. I then sealed everything back up with some black RTV silicone.


Install Intercooler Ducts
  HKS provides brackets to attach the intercooler ducts to the intercoolers. I bought my intercoolers used, and the brackets were not included. Thus, I had to fabricate my own brackets, as shown in the pictures.


Completed Installation Pictures


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