1995 3000GT VR-4: TySpeed Performance EG-Spec Downpipe Installation

Update March, 2004:
Tyson has discontinued production of this downpipe. For details, please contact him at Tyson [info@tyspeedperformance].

I helped in the creation of this pipe, paid a deposit before the first 2nd generation pipe was made, and paid the full price when the that first pipe was made. My car was used for development and test-fitting and I spent a considerable amount of my time helping create the first prototype. That prototype was not, by any means perfect, and Tyson promised to make a production version to replace the prototype. That production version never materialized. I have waited over a year and a half for Tyson to fulfill his promise, and I'm drawing the line here. I removed my Tyspeed pipe from my car and found it to be leaking very heavily from the rear-bank flange (due to improper alignment of the pipe when it was welded) and from both flex sections. I did drive around with a bad rear motor mount for the better part of last year, so that could have contributed to the rear flex section's leaking. However, the flex section had to be significantly flexed just to install it on the car because of an incorrect bend in the pipe.

As such, I can no longer recommend this downpipe to the 3000GT/Stealth community.

I have nothing personal against Tyson, but I do take issue with his lack of customer service. There are more details to this situation that I won't go into here, but I believe Tyson was willing to provide me a production-quality part or to refund my money. The issue seems to be more with his ability to do so. Tyson's a good guy, but as far as this particular venture went, I don't think he looked hard enough before he lept.

At this point, for all AWD 3000GT/Stealth owners looking for a good downpipe, I recommend the one made by ek2 Development. This pipe is very similar in specifications to the Tyspeed pipe, and it is made of better materials with better-quality welds. I now have this downpipe on my car and am thoroughly satisfied.

My only involvement in the process was that I provided the design specs to Tyson to help in the design process and I helped out in the creation of some of the first couple pipes to ensure that everything was top-quality and met the original specifications. If you're interested in getting one for your car, please contact Tyson [info@tyspeedperformance]

TySpeed Performance E-Spec Downpipe Features:

Image01.jpg (156KB)

Cutting steel pipe with a circular saw makes pretty glowing metal shards fly about your garage :-)

Image03.jpg (153KB)

More pretty sparks with half-made downpipe in the foreground.

Image04.jpg (161KB)

Even more sparks. Why? Because I can. :-) There's just something very satisfying about sharp power tools, flying burning metal, and cars with their wheels off the ground...

Image07.jpg (104KB)

Stock (top), TySpeed E-Spec (middle), Stillen (bottom)

Image08.jpg (102KB)

Stock (left), TySpeed E-Spec (middle), Stillen (right)

Image09.jpg (112KB)

Stock (left), TySpeed E-Spec (middle), Stillen (right). Note the nice, mandrel bent merging of the two banks' flow in the Stillen and the Tyspeed downpipe.

Image10.jpg (100KB)

Stock (left), TySpeed E-Spec (middle), Stillen (right). Note the bungs for the front bank secondary oxygen sensor. Front Bank EGT Bung is right below the flange.

Image11.jpg (112KB)

Stock (left), TySpeed E-Spec (middle), Stillen (right) Note the bungs for the rear bank secondary oxygen sensor. Rear EGT Bung is right below flange, but on underside and not visible.

Image12.jpg (111KB)

TySpeed E-Spec (top), Stillen (bottom). The flex section on the TySpeed pipe is shorter to allow connection of the stock catalytic convertor.

Image13.jpg (84KB)

Front flange attached.

Image14.jpg (95KB)

Front flange attached. Note the excellent clearance for the nuts.

Image15.jpg (77KB)

Rear bank flange attached. Good view of oxygen sensor bung and EGT probe bung.

Image16.jpg (70KB)

Rear bank flange attached. Note the excellent clearance for the nuts.

Image17.jpg (71KB)

Bottom surface of collector. Great clearance everywhere.

Image18.jpg (78KB)

Rear flanges with optional test pipe installed (offroad use only).


Installation is pretty much the same as for the Stillen Downpipe Installation

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