SOLD : 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (near Olympia, WA)

SOLD: 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (near Olympia, WA)

Please note that the car is now sold. This page remains for nostalgic purposes only.


After much debate, I've decided to sell my '95 3000GT VR-4. I've thoroughly enjoyed owning/driving this car for the last 8 years, and my original plan was to keep it for many years to come. Changes in my personal priorities and a lack of more garage space are the reason I'm selling the car, and my original intent to keep the car for a very long time should be evident by the condition and extra preventative maintenance (details below). The car runs very well and I would have no qualms about using it as a daily driver (though I don't) or about taking it on long trips (which I have done). I've been over the car with a fine-tooth comb in the last few weeks trying to make sure I take care of any little issues (e.g. burnt-out interior light that didn't bother me) and note anything else of concern. The car has over $8500 of upgrades (included), but it still looks mostly stock when the hood is closed. Most of the upgrades fit into the reliability and handling areas, establishing a solid base from which to get more power. For those who don't know me, I'm really meticulous about doing things "right". Many people from the 3000GT/Stealth community have met me in person and have seen my car over the years, as I've been a member of that community since 1998 (back in the Starnet/Dragnet days) - during that time I've owned 3 different 3000GTs, and I pretty much know the current one like the back of my hand. My engine removal page is a good example of how I generally take care of things, and the engine reinstallation pictures page is a good example of the condition of the hidden parts of the engine bay. The engine is proven capable of well over 500bhp with a few additional upgrades, and it's probably in the neighborhood of 400-450bhp as currently configured. While a few areas would need some paint work if it were to be a show car, the majority of the paint is in beautiful condition. I frequently get looks of disbelief when I answer "1995" to the question of "What year car is that?" - most people who don't know that 1999 was the last model year for this car assume the car is a mid-2000 car. For folks not familiar with the 3000GT or the AWD version, this car is absolutely a blast to drive. The power delivery is smooth and the DR-500 turbos ensure it pulls all the way to redline. The AWD and the 275mm tires give you tremendous grip, regardless of whether it's wet or dry. The upgraded anti-sway bars significantly reduce body roll and improve handling, all without much compromise to ride quality. The car has never been lowered while in my possession (and I don't think the previous owners did so, either). As an added bonus, most of the last 8.5 years of history of the car have been documented on my website, complete with pictures. The direct URL to the site index is: Almost every picture of a white VR-4 on those pages is this car. Also, please note that the pictures shown on my website may or may not be representative of the current condition (especially upgraded parts), so please refer to the lists and pictures on this page to understand the current condition of the car and what parts are included with the sale.

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